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Frozen 2 Girls Confetti Hair Brush

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Brand: Luv Her

Color: Confetti Hair Brush


  • IN THE BOX: Luv Her Frozen 2 Girls Snowflake Confetti Hair Brush features Queen Elsa's portrait on the back of an oval paddle hairbrush topped with floating silver snowflakes for a magical finish; A kid-friendly handle and ouchless rounded bristles to make grooming fun and easy
  • GENTLE DETANGLING. This Disney princess hair brush is made with rounded end bristles to stimulate blood flow to the scalp for healthier hair. Its a detangler brush designed with wide gaps between each bristle making it less likely for your little girl's hair to break.
  • SKIN SAFE. This lovely hair care accessory is not only fun, its also safe for your kid's skin. So you can let your child enjoy playing hair salon games without any worries.
  • HAIR CARE LESSON. Its never too early to teach your little ones to look after their appearance. With this lovely Disney princess brush, they will have fun playing hair styling activity with their friends, while learning about grooming like a true princess.
  • PARTY READY. This cute Disney princess hair brush is a perfect gift and party favor that will surely bring a smile to you little ones face. So, grab one of our toddler hair brush set, and make the most special girl in your life happy.

Package Dimensions: 10.6 x 3.5 x 2.0 inches